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conceptual bags

can a bag be more than a bag?  these are examples of bags i have made that tell a story, take a point of view or have a concept.  i am hoping my work will be able to move in this direction.


  • grandma and andy

    what would andy warhol paint if his inspiration was my grandma’s garden?  i painted large, colorful panels of corn, beets and carrots, and then cut them into bags. each bag had an abstract look.

  • bullet bags

    early in the gulf war II the media kept using the term “exit wound.” i think that is why I kept thinking of a flower stem that meandered in and out of a bullet hole. i ended up spending time at a shooting gallery experimenting with the type of mark an exiting bullet would make on fabric. the idea became a series of bags i called “make bags not war.”

  • label bags

    this bag was made was from the tiny union tags that were sewn into many of the garments i recycle, especially coats.  i admire the attention to detail and the expert skills of the women who worked, often in difficult conditions, to produce these beautiful garments.

  • splat