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one-of-a-kind handbags

each bag i make is one of a kind. this is my small protest against mass-production. it keeps them fresh and you get a totally unique piece of my work.

  • trees

    the newest bags feature bare winter tree limbs stretching up against richly textured landscapes.

  • collage

    i carefully gather wool from old garments, blankets, etc., and they are placed on my shelves with hundreds of other pieces of wool. when planning a bag, many pieces are pulled out and put back. eventually i find a “family” of fabrics that work together. at that point, the bag-making process begins.

  • patchwork

    the patchwork bags, like the collage ones, are all about finding a “family” of fabrics that get along visually. after I have collected the suitable pieces i start to cut and play.

  • blooms

    many seasons have involved flowers of varying sizes, shapes and materials.  these detailed stems that dance onto the bottom of the bag are a lighthearted example of the care that is taken in creating each bag.